Exploring Your Universe

Meteorite Gallery

Location: Geology Building - Slichter Room 3656
Time: 12PM

Exploring Your Universe is an annual science festival held on the campus of UCLA. Founded in 2009 by graduate students in UCLA’s Astronomy Division, the event is now the largest science outreach event on campus with over 7,000 guests and participation from student groups, departments, and faculty across all science disciplines. Exploring Your Universe is made possible by the hard work of our volunteers in our organizing committee and participating groups. We are very grateful of our sponsors, who help support Exploring Your Universe and allow us to bring this event to our community free of charge.




Dr. Paul Warren

Lunar Exploration: Prospects for the Next Few Decades

Location: Geology Building - Slichter Room 3656
Time: 2:30PM

The past three decades have seen much progress in lunar science, driven mainly by orbital probes, lunar meteorites, and ever-improving technology for sample analysis. Because the Moon’s surface is well-sampled and not highly diverse, limited progress can be expected from additional orbiters, unmanned rovers, and even sample-acquisition missions, unless the landing targets is a geologically novel area, and/or includes Apollo-15/16/17 style selective and ample sampling by astronauts. The good news is, China and the USA are racing to a second era of manned exploration; and technically challenging unmanned-probes may be seen as relatively inexpensive complements to manned exploration.