Exploring Your Universe 2017

Science Outreach

Location: UCLA Campus - Court of Sciences
Time: 12PM

Exploring Your Universe (EYU) is an annual science outreach day held on the UCLA campus, filled with exciting science demos, fun activities, and interesting talks. EYU has family-friendly activities that provide a wonderful look into real science for all ages, “from K through Gray”!




Marc Fries

How to find meteorites with weather-radar observations of fireballs: Opportunities for “citizen science” in the US and worldwide

Location: Geology 3656
Time: 2:30PM

The US maintains a nationwide network of Doppler weather radars, and it is possible to find meteorite falls using their freely-available radar imagery. This talk will describe what a meteorite fall is, how frequently they occur (Spoiler: About once per year in the US!), and instructions so that anyone with internet access can find them.